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How to MASTER SCULLING Quickly & Easily

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Leading Sculling Expert and author of "How to Win - The Sports Competitor's Guide to Success", Stephen Walker, reveals the Little Known, 8 Step, Proven Process for Mastering Sculling – Works even if You've Been Trying for Years Already!

Did you know that 80% of the training that rowers and scullers do is a waste of time and effort? Really!

Have you ever wondered why Allyson Felix was able to sprint so fast when she doesn't look like a body builder and all the other sprinters do?

Are you stuck because you are getting the wrong advice?


Don't let others hold you back

You don't have to be big to be good. You only have to be good.

Don't let people tell you that you are the wrong size or shape.

The training that you do will shape your body and your mind.

In Sculling Academy you will learn about mindset and how to reset it.

You will learn what training methods work and which don't. Stand by to be surprised.


How NOT to fall in.

Here is a longer version of the video about avoiding capsize that you should already be familiar with..

The way the course is currently structured you will gain access to a new module every 7 days! So there is not much time to assimilate and practise what I am teaching. But you can consume the course at your own pace so hopefully you will not become overwhelmed by too much information at once! Access to the course is currently restricted to 1 year.

Extra Bonuses

Racing Diary Entries 30 min Value $175

Here you will discover what I did in the run up to my win at Henley Masters Regatta and the stumbling blocks that life put in my way.
Ergo Ergas Ergat 54 min Value $225

What makes a good ergometer? How should it be rowed? How does that relate to sculling? All revealed.
Myself Racing Myself 26 min Value $130

What can you learn by comparing two videos of me racing in the same race but 12 months apart?
Training v Racing 1000m 25 min Value $130

Here I compare myself to myself in 4 different situations, 3 races and one training piece. All over 1,000m.


Look I totally understand

It's not your fault. You've probably heard a million opinions and got plenty of free advice (usually worth about what you pay for it) and you're more confused than ever…

That's OK. Successful coaching is what I do, so help is on the way.

Here's the Best System In the World for Mastering Sculling

You could go out and read every book ever written on sculling, spend hours interviewing successful scullers and actually go out on the water and try to figure it out for yourself, as I had to do...

But why do that???

...when you can DOWNLOAD this on-line video course that I've already outlined for you that demonstrates everything I've learned about sculling over the last 50 odd years so that you can master sculling.

You will have the Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery ™. The guide that I missed out on. And you can have it today.

No fluff and no B.S. Just the raw information you need to be able to enjoy sculling properly and successfully, whatever that means to you. Everybody has different ambitions. Most people are nowhere near ambitious enough... I wasn't!

Nobody Ever Told Me

For years I used to play around at domestic events when I could have been competing on an international stage. Nobody ever told me that I could do it. I just assumed that I couldn't.


I mean, look where I started.

When I went up to the big school after passing my eleven plus exams I was the third smallest boy in the school. Here's a picture of me in the school swimming team, which I was only in because I could swim - not because I was any good.

I'm the skinny one in the bottom left hand corner. And whom did I want to look like? The guy just above and to the right of me with the muscles. I spent my whole life wanting to look like that guy!

During my twenties I desperately tried to improve my performances by reading, attending coaching courses, even taking a Physical Education Course after I'd finished my engineering degree. This quest for “the answer” continued into my 30s and 40s, researching, attending coaching conferences, listening to the top coaches in the world, many of whom didn't make much sense!

You don't need to do this. I've done it for you.

There's a lot being kept from you that you don't know

You need to appreciate that it isn't going to be easy to master sculling alone. Turning terror into excitement. There's a trick to that. And I'm going to show it to you.


Well I've got Good News for You

It doesn't have to be like that. Now, there's an amazing new opportunity. It wasn't available before. It was all locked away in my head and only a handful of people whom I coached personally (and some whom I didn't coach) ever got the benefit of it.

For example, I spent a couple of years sculling alongside my training partner. I had not been coaching her. We just trained together. And every now and then I'd ask her what she's thinking about and she'd ask me what I was thinking about. And maybe we'd stop and have a discussion about some little aspect of technique.

Then one day, out of the blue, she said, “This is the first time in my life that I feel like I'm sculling properly.” Now she is not in the first flush of youth. She was an elite sculler and raced at Lucerne Regatta when she was younger. The point is this: if I can direct your thoughts I can make you improve.


Imagine that you've learned what is important about boats so you don't make the same mistake that I made, buying one that was not suitable for me and then wondering why I never really went very fast in it. I mean, when I got my next boat I went faster than I had done for 13 years! I had just thought that I was getting old. It never occured to me that it might be my beautiful old boat. And then when I got the next boat after that I went even faster again because it was even better suited to me. That shouldn't be possible. You're supposed to get slower as you get older but I got faster! Just think of all those wasted years. Those races lost. Opportunities lost. How different could your life be if you get the right advice.

Imagine that it doesn't matter how poorly rigged your equipment is nor that nobody around you can help you rig it properly because you've learned how to rig it yourself so you're no longer dependent upon others!

Imagine that you know a simple secret about training that makes your training twice as effective as everybody else's training.

Imagine that any problems you had with organisations and leadership don't matter any more either. Why not? Because you don't need the system when you are a sculler. You can beat the system. You can go sculling when you want. You can assess risk yourself.


Technical Accuracy and Precision Reap Rich Rewards

You will learn how to achieve these

Here's what the Course will Do for You


Here's what you are going to get when you

enrol in the Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery

Below are listed the titles of the different videos that make up the Lazy Sculler’s Guide to Mastery™. These are just to enable you, more easily, to find your way around the Sculling Academy™ once you are in. Needless to say, there is a lot more subject matter within each video than can be summarized in a title. The videos vary hugely in length. Some are short and sweet. Others are long and detailed. But I’ve listed them here to give you some idea of what you will be getting when you enrol. A total of about 55 hours of video!

  • Module 1
    Learning to scull
    Names of Boat Parts
    Turning Using Stream
    Technique & Feedback
    Fault Correction
    Biomechanical Principles
    The System

  • Module 3
    Basic Adjustments
    The Front End Connection
    Recovery Phase
    Rough Water Sculling

  • Module 5
    Effects of Pitch
    Tin Soldiers
    Squared Blade Feet Out
    Cutting the Cake
    Straight Arm Paddling
    Putting it together – Racing Start
    Typical Outing

  • Module 7
    New Exercise
    Gearing Adjustments
    Slippy Handles
    Key Tip for Steering when Racing

  • Module 2
    Racing Single Scull
    Trimming the Boat
    Boat Handling
    Weighing the Handle
    Quiet Days – Humour me on this
    Avoiding Illness
    Injury & How to Avoid It
    Different Types of Pain
    Looking After Your Back
    Drill Myths
    The Finish

  • Module 4
    Measuring Pitch & Height
    Submarine Analogy
    Power Phase
    Useful Exercises
    Training Priorities

  • Module 6
    Curse of Squared Blade
    Oar, Gate & Pin Pitch
    Performance Arousal Curve
    Crew Sculling
    Crew Sculling 2
    Kit +
    Adjusting Lateral Pitch



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World Masters - Budapest

How Ewa Marcinkowska got to race at the World Masters Regatta in less than 12 months

You can do this provided you are over 28. Check out the video:

Here is an example of what is achievable if you only try. I set a goal of attending the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Budapest in 2019, with Ewa Marcinkowska. She started in a Nordic Explorer,, graduated to a TS515 Training Scull with stabilisers, and then moved on to fine boats. You have to be in it to win it. Ewa had never rowed nor sculled before meeting me so it was a steep learning curve for her. But we made it and we didn't come last :-) The journey is more important than the destination. In fact the journey IS the destination.


The Swedes hailed me as an Alchemist

I've been rowing and coxing and coaching since 1969 so I guess it is hardly surprising that the Swedes hailed me as an Alchemist, turning lead into gold. Check out the video:

I love coxing. It's so much more than just steering and shouting. And with my years of sculling experience I can feel what a crew needs as well as see it so that in a very short time I can indeed turn a scratch crew into a team that feels like it has been rowing together for months.


90-Day Money Back Guarantee

And to make it really easy for you to move forward with this, I’m offering an incredible 100% risk-free guarantee.


Watch this video on the left to learn more about the benefits of Sculling Academy's

Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery


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When I Had My Own Lightbulb Moment

I was already a coach when I encountered the New Zealand coach, Harry Mahon, who famously helped to coach the first Great British eight to win the Olympics for 80 years! Sadly Harry, has died since but his legacy lives on in those whom he coached and in people like me who heard and understood what he had to say. However, I still hadn't yet realised my own potential as an athlete.

It wasn't until I went to publish my book, “HOW TO WIN – The Sports Competitors Guide to Success” and had to draw conclusions from all the chapters that I'd written that I had my own "Ah Ha" moment. I suddenly realised what I had to do. It was simply to do what I'd been recommending everybody else to do, in my book. Obvious really.

After this breakthrough I did it.

I succeeded (albeit a bit late in life).

I competed on an equal footing with former internationals and beat some of them, even an Olympian. And I'm only a little guy, a super-lightweight: 5'6” on a good day and only 63kg when I'm on form.

[Caveat: Now I'm not saying that if you invest in the Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery ™ you will be certain to beat allcomers. After all I don't know anything about you. But I am saying that if you follow the guidelines that I give you then you will be able to achieve mastery in this great sport.],


Do You Believe that I Could Get You to Become a World Champion in a One Hour Long Lesson?

Of course not! That would be ridiculous. You might not even want to go there. And if you don't you won't. You have to believe you can first.

So What Can You Believe?

Can you believe that if you follow my instructions you might eventually be able to scull perfectly one day?

And do you believe that if you could do this, then it would help you to win competitions, if that were what you wanted to do? You're damn right it would help. Why? Because when you scull perfectly you allow the boat to move in the most efficient way.

But you don't need to be a competitive person to experience the joy of sculling perfectly. Like you don't need to be Casanova to enjoy sex.

I'll show you a simple 8 step process, that I use myself, to take your sculling up to the next level.

Listen, if you wanted to walk through a mine field, would you rather do it by yourself or would you rather follow somebody who'd done it a hundred times before?

You can jump the learning curve here.


Watch this Crash!

Analysis is in the

Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery

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